Vassilis Papapanagiotou

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Member Affiliation: 
Computer and Informatics Engineer
E-Mail (Public): 
Building B, University of Patras, University Campus GR26500
+30 2610 996954
+30 2610 960358
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Vassilis Papapanagiotou was born in Athens,Greece in 1985. He entered the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department in 2003 and graduated in 2008, entering the graduate program of the same department “Computer Science and Technology”. He has been a member of Research Unit 6 since October 2006. His research interests include cross-layer architectures for wireless networks, network protocols, Layer 2 and Layer 3 Quality of Service, ad-hoc networks and network programming. He has extensive knowledge of C,C++,Java,PHP and Database Manipulation. He has worked for the Greek Research Network( developing modules for automatic management of QoS services. He is currently participating in the GN3 Project for advancing the European GEANT3 network.