Design, development and production of educational material – Topic B' / PETA S.A.

Information Society Operational Programma
European Union, Grant Agreement no.: 238875, Grant Agreement for: Combination of Collaborative Project and Coordination and Support Action (CCPCSA)
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Project period: 
Thursday, July 30, 2009 to Monday, November 30, 2009

Description:This project includes the creation of educational material for training in the area of Information and Communication technologies in the context of the course: Design and Administration of Telecommunication Networks in a Municipality (LANs, Intranet, SYXEYXIS, Municipal Networks, Broadband Networks and Services, Telephony and relative applications). The project includes the following sub-courses: - Introduction in Computer Networks - Local Area Networks - Broadband Networks and Services - Design of Metropolitan Area Networks and Wide Area Networks - Intranets / SYXEYXIS - Wireless Networks - Design / implementation strategies for development/exploitation of networks and ICT - Administration of telecommunication networks - Videoconference application and Voice over Internet - Business Models for Municipal broadband networks - Network expansion. Each sub-courses includes: Reference material, Main body of digital objects, Suggested activities and relative applications, Self-evaluation material, Teacher guide.